XiRCON -- XiRCON is a relatively new freeware IRC client that delivers a solid set of features to go along with an easy to use interface. The app is also one of the most efficient IRC clients available. While it does lack some of the more advanced features in competing offerings like mIRC, OrbitIRC, and ViRC, the streamlined XiRCON makes up for its deficiencies with its speed, extensibility, and an array of customization capabilities.

XiRCON uses TCL as its native scripting language and provides the source code for many of the built-in XiRCON commands in TCL for users to customize the client to their heart's content. Also included in the XiRCON package is the scripting editor Xed (XiRCON Editor) for creating and modifying scripts. You can write TCL scripts with Xed to create your own commands, event handlers, popup menus, hotkeys, and more.

One of the more impressive features in XiRCON is the userlist manager, which utilizes advanced algorithms to intelligently ban, ignore, or notify you of specific individuals. Additional features include multiple concurrent server connections, automatic memory for your favorites channels and people, system traybar support, extremely quick text display speed, SOCKS proxy support, timestamp toggle, clickable URL hyperlinks, and multithreaded DCC architecture with Turbo DCC (TDCC) for providing the highest possible file transfer throughput.

Unfortunately, XiRCON does not offer a pre-configured list of IRC servers like most competing clients. Context Help and a basic primer to Internet Relay Chat are also unavailable in the beta release. Overall though, if you understand the basics of IRC and are looking for a quick, easy to use, and highly customizable IRC client, XiRCON may be your best bet.

Pros: Extremely quick and easy to use, highly customizable, Xed TCL script editor, solid feature-set, freeware
Cons: Lacks a variety of advanced features found in the competition; no help, built-in server list, or IRC primer
New: This is the initial review for XiRCON; List of Features and Release Notes

Version Reviewed: 1.0 Beta 4
Date of Review: 5/13/98
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